See this? It’s your city bike.
See this? It’s your city bike.
Grand Optical wanted to promote the sales of Polaroid glasses through a contest that gave away city bicycles to the winners and a trip to the countryside for one lucky guy or girl.
What did we do? 
We created a key visual that combined the product and the gift, in a way that draws attention.
Then, we came up with a pun slogan that urges people to see things from a different perspective – which, at the same time, meant “experience the countryside in an eco-friendly way-with your new bike”.
Then, we designed a whole comprehensive app that worked as an entry to the contest for anyone interested, which we embedded in their Facebook page.
The key visual was displayed as an indoor display in the brand’s stores, in the company’s social media, as an outdoor ad, and as a printed ad in various magazines.